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First train in India: First Class from Udaipur to Jaipur

I don’t know if all the trains in India are as good as the one we rode in.

However, the 1st class AC Car from Udaipur to Jaipur was pretty darn nice.

Carrie and I had the upper berths in a 4-person cabin.

We had our own reading lights, sheets, blanket, and pillow, and even an outlet where I could plug in and charge my computer.

I would call our first trip on the Indian Railway System as comfortable as you can probably be while moving down the tracks.

SUPER HUGE THANKS to Bhanu for his help in getting these tickets booked.

Bhanu said though, if you want to see what trains in India can be like, check out this video:

For the record, that has not been our experience.

Moral of the story?

Make Indian friends before coming to India, and let them help you book your tickets.

Oh, and save money by taking the train – instead of having to book flights – and get the trains you want, by booking well in advance (6 weeks or more) of your travel, especially in summer.

2 thoughts on “First train in India: First Class from Udaipur to Jaipur

    1. Jonathan (in India)

      Well, if the stations smell like one we rode on coming into Mumbai, you’d rather be in, than on, the train. But we should travel ON a train sometime together. That would be a blast!


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