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My Feet Became Fish Food: Fish Spa?

I was really disappointed that I had missed the “fish spa” in Bangkok.

This is where you go, stick your feet in what amounts to a large aquarium, and fish come to eat the dead skin and other junk off your feet.

Well, in Chiang Mai, in the north of Thailand, we found a fish spa that would not only let you stick your feet in the water, but also check your email at the same time.

Only there was one little problem for me…

My ticklish feet.

Take a look.

4 thoughts on “My Feet Became Fish Food: Fish Spa?

    1. strive4impact Post author

      Well, they are sucking on your feet. They have these mouths that are like little suction cups…

      It feels like little tiny fingers pinching you, except maybe the fingers don’t have enough strength to pinch hard… so imagine about 200 fingers giving light pinches on your feet, and you’ll have an idea of what it felt like.

      Was hilarious… but also a bit like torture.

  1. R. Fields

    Later they sell all those fish to the U.S. restaurants & we
    eat them!!! HA! I may not be that far from the truth!!

  2. Grayhound

    Hi Guys,

    This is fantastic. My wife and I wanted to try this during our visit to Dubai but couldn’t fit it into our schedule. Well, we are visiting Thailand this summer hitting Bangkok then Phuket for a week and ending in Chiang Mai. Can you possibly share the where abouts of this Fish Spa? I am loving your site here and plan to share it with friends.
    You guys rock!


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