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Feature Friday: Epic Direct Media Party At The Playboy Mansion

This is college intramural sports at the University of Auckland.

You’ll notice that this coed college contest consists of students dressed in very little clothing and wearing funny costumes!

One place you can also see college coeds dressed in very little clothing and wearing fun costumes is at the Epic Direct Media Playboy Mansion Party!

And, aside from Epic Direct’s party, I honestly don’t know any other way that an average guy (or gal) can get into the Playboy Mansion.

But I do know that you can get into the Playboy Mansion as an internet marketer.

Yes, this means you’ll have to do some work. But if you’ve always dreamed of partying at the Playboy Mansion, wouldn’t the work be worthwhile?

You can be entered into the contest to go to the party just by joining with Epic Direct and promoting some of their advertisers.

You might be asking…

What is Epic Direct?
It is a place where people who know how to reach customers online (Affiliates – also known as “Publishers”) and Advertisers (also known as people with products to sell) come together to meet.

And here is how YOU get to join the PAHR TAY

Step 1. Join Epic Direct Media!
Step 2. Promote like crazy every offer you can effectively promote online.
Step 3. Party with the Playmates at the PlayBoy Mansion!

Now to get all the fine details, you’ll want to check out Epic Direct’s website (or our website later on today).

But it’s safe to say that by being one of the winners of Epic’s contest, you’ll be partying and having your picture taken with some very attractive people!

And now, back to some travel tips from Auckland, New Zealand!

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