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Exploring Milan with my Parents, Sister, and Grandma

Extremely disappointing point of the day: Having reserved tickets over a month ago on Expedia, my mom got confirmation that her tickets for seeing The Last Supper were confirmed.

However, whether it was the fault of Expedia or the travel company they hired, my parents and Grandma did not get to see Leonardo Da Vinci’s “The last Supper” while in Milan.

We had booking confirmations – 6 receipts, but the tour company had proof they had emailed Expedia (1 day after the tickets were booked and confirmed by Expedia) to say they were already full.

And so one of my grandma’s dreams has not been realized… seeing The Last Supper.

High point of the day: Finding Milan’s Best Gelato Shop

It’s called Chocolat, and you simply must go when in Milan. Gelato is, of course, wonderful everywhere, and I don’t know what makes it even another level better at Chocolat, but I doubt we will ever be able to go to Milan again without me taking Carrie to Chocolat.

My sister and parents and Grandma got to see La Scala (the opera house – known as the birthplace of opera), which I know my sister enjoyed, while Carrie and I went the opposite direction to see if it was possible to still get tickets to see The Last Supper.

You might be able to negotiate same-day tickets in the winter (though don’t count on it), but in the touristy summertime, make sure to get your tickets well in advance as same or even next-day tickets were not possible.

We recommend choosing someone other than Expedia to book through for your Last Supper tickets. (Actually, we’re pretty much anti-travel-agent. We like the money we save by being able to shop around on a variety of sites for cheap airfares, but we recommend doing your attraction bookings direct whenever possible.) My mom did get a refund (eventually), but Expedia gave her a hard time for it, after having already wasted so much time, not actually getting us in to The Last Supper, and having given her a confirmation which was not actually a confirmation of anything.

Your best bet is to get the tickets early and get them directly from the company which runs the building where The Last Supper was painted.

2 thoughts on “Exploring Milan with my Parents, Sister, and Grandma

    1. Jonathan (in Italy)

      Don’t worry… we’ll go for you. 🙂 And have your share too. We learned that it only costs 6.50Euro to see The Last Supper if you buy tix directly from the museum that runs the tours. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the next available reservation isn’t until August 18th. So… guess we’ll all be coming back to Milan together to see The Last Supper.


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