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Dinner with the Clendons

Two weeks ago, we rented a car to go to Akaroa, New Zealand.

On our way to Jucy car rentals, we got off the bus two stops too early and ended up walking.

We then saw a car pass us by, loop around, come back, and pull up alongside of us.

Barbara stopped and asked if we wanted a ride to the car rental place… it wasn’t far, but she was nice enough to randomly stop, pick us up, and drive out of the way to take us us to the Jucy car rental.

We gave her one of our cards, she checked out our website, and dropped us an email inviting us to dinner.

Dinner was this past Friday night.

It was REALLY nice to be welcomed into their New Zealand family.  Her husband Jeff, and their daughters Alhana, Julia, and Grace were so welcoming and nice.  It was wonderful to get to sit by their fire and exchange stories.

They are really great people, and it was a powerful experience for me to meet a family so willing to share their lives and their warmth with complete strangers, without wanting, expecting, or needing anything in return.

Thank-you Clendons for your warmth and hospitality!

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