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Cruz Del Sur Bus Company: A Review of Cruz Del Sur in Peru

Of all the bus companies we’ve traveled with, Andesmar in Argentina remains the best.

However, our experience taking Cruz Del Sur from Cajamarca, Peru to Lima, Peru, comes in a close second.

The taxi from the center of Cajamarca to the Cruz Del Sur terminal cost about 5 soles (less than $2) one way.  We went here twice… once the day before to purchase our tickets (recommended) and once the day of to take the bus.

In their best “bus cama” seats, the seats are more like lazy boy loungers.

They don’t recline flat, but do recline to a comfortable sleeping position.

The food served by Cruz Del Sur for dinner and breakfast is relatively tasty.

The Cruz Del Sur buses have individually controlled air conditioning, though our bus didn’t use it the whole time, so the bus did get a bit warm in the night time, but it was fine once they turned the AC back on.

The only complaint I could offer here is that I got a bit bus sick (motion sickness) on our trip with Cruz Del Sur from Cajamarca to Lima.

But unlike other bus travel I’ve done with other bus companies, where the motion sickness is caused by the buses careening around the mountain passes, this bus sickness was simply due to the fact that the mountain passes between Cajamarca and Lima include some pretty tight corners.

Our bus driver with Cruz Del Sur did a good job of taking the passes and switchbacks pretty gently, especially compared with other bus companies.

The ejecutivo seats on Cruz Del Sur from Cajamarca to Lima cost about $38, which is more expensive than with other companies, but it is also much more comfortable than other companies we have traveled with.

In short, (and especially given the other bus companies we’ve traveled with,) I can highly recommend Cruz Del Sur for travel within Peru.

3 thoughts on “Cruz Del Sur Bus Company: A Review of Cruz Del Sur in Peru

  1. Hans Juerg Wittwer

    i looking for a bus line who traveled from Lima to San Jose,Costa Rica.
    if you have a bus drive from Lima tom costa Rica sunday tell me and how much its cost.Thanks

  2. Georgianna Duarte

    i HAVE been traveling with Cruz del Sur for over 15 years, and I must say the station of Javier Prado has truly decreased in quality. I used to love this center due to the competent employees. This is not the case anymore. It took over an hour and half to have three people b asically tell me that my new passport could not accumulate points on my frequent traveler. COME ON. All renewed passports change numbers, and I showed them various ids. No one was competent to give me a definitive answer. Only a phone number. The VIP lounge is truly a sad joke with no coffee, cream, foods. Three hour wait on coffee, but no cream AND INSTANT NESCAFE. Terrible. Restaurant served me an empanada soaked in grease with huge puddles of grease everywhere, and the cleanliness of the restaurant Very questionable! Havent boarded yet and hoping the service is better on the bus. What a disappointment. Simply terrible service in Javier Prado, and no one truly cares.

    1. strive4impact Post author

      It is amazing when there’s no one to find that cares. Just like “take it or leave it” and that’s it. Sorry to hear that’s been your most recent experience with Cruz del Sur.

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