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I did not know that Chipotle had parted ways with McDonald’s.

But I’m glad to hear that it has.

I was also somewhat captivated by the latest online-only marketing effort of Chipotle.

It’s working for me to share it with you.

Already America’s favorite “Mexican restaurant chain,” Chipotle has shied away from running ads on TV, believing its target audience — Millennials — “are skeptical of brands that perpetuate themselves.”

Since parting ways with its former majority owner McDonald’s, Chipotle has tried even harder to live up to its mission statement of “food with integrity.”

Back in July, for example, the company announced plans to become the first US restaurant chain to strip its menu items of all genetically engineered ingredients.

Chipotle has high hopes that The Scarecrow will officially cement its status as a fast food chain with a brain.

Source: Gawker

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