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Changes to auction and video discovery!

Hi everyone!
A quick update on the auction.
People kept asking us how they could get involved in the auction without acutally paying more than the current bid to win. So, we’ll be re-opening the eBay auction listing shortly, and we’ll be doing it in a way so that EVERYONE can take part in the opportunity to promote their business/web site on us.
There will be a limited # of spots however, and four of them are already gone. So, if you’re not already signed up, (or if you know of someone who would be interested in a unique sponsorship opportunity), be sure to put your name in and sign up for the newsletter, because it’s where we’ll announce the time of the eBay auction launch first.
Also, here is a video of

a group of porters on the mountain. Porters are the people who lug your stuff up the hill, set up camp, cook meals, and take care of a lot of the “regular” activites so that you can simply climb.
Pretty cool stuff, and I thought I would share this little video here.

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