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Costa Rica

Limon, Costa Rica

Impression of Puerto Limon, Costa Rica: Picture Manhattan car traffic, add Bourbon street crowds, put them all on a street outside a small but relatively busy bus station, and you’ll have an idea of what we got off of the bus into in Puerto Limon. I’m going to report you in Limon. Hope this tip saves you some time and confusion if you’re in Limon, Costa Rica and wanting to get to Puerto Viejo or Manzanilla.

It’s Turtle Time! Hatching Turtles at La Tortuga Feliz

La Tortuga Feliz: Releasing baby turtles – So we started taking those out and measured and released 60 turtles. It was fun to hear their shells clicking together. They don’t really make sound, other than the little peeps coming from one that got stuck in the fence – we got that turtle out and released it to the ocean.