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Carrie Needs…Blogging fun

I steal a lot of ideas from my sister Michelle. I saw this idea on her blog and thought I’d try it. Do a google search where you type in (your name) needs. So, the results for Carrie needs are…
1. Carrie needs a nice hot bath (no kidding)
2. Carrie needs some care herself (doesn’t that come with the bath?)
3. Carrie needs help…please (Why yes I do. Anyone want to take a test for me next week?)
4. Carrie needs a boyfriend who she wants (Nope, I have one of those thank you)
5. Carrie needs a Stanford (Depends on what is meant by a Stanford, but I don’t think I do)
6. Carrie needs to go back to school (NO WAY!)
7. Carrie needs to eat (Actually, I just ate dinner. Thanks Jonathan!)
8. Carrie needs more than deep-breathing (uhhhh ok ???)
9. Carrie needs to speak to her superordinate (about what?)
10. Carrie needs to do what is best for HER (Yer darn skippy)
Try it out with your name and post it in the comments section. (PLEASE, it’s fun!) What do you need?
Carrie needs a mike that works with both fiddle and voice (Now if only I played the fiddle…or sang in front of people)
Thanks Michelle!

0 thoughts on “Carrie Needs…Blogging fun

  1. Jonathan

    1. Jonathan needs a room
    2. Jonathan Needs A Haircut
    3. Jonathan needs you to complete (his company).
    4. jon needs a hug.
    5. Jonathan needs to find a pit filled with punji sticks
    6. Jonathan needs to shut up and look in the mirror
    7. Jonathan needs to be reminded of what he has done in his past
    8. Jonathan’s needs is more than twice Jonathan’s resources.
    9. Jonathan needs an experienced, skilled family that is understanding of his special needs.
    10. Jonathan needs a tray to position his arms properly.
    11. Jonathan needs to know and experience the love of God.
    12. Jonathan needs to start drinking more beer.
    Seriously, this is them, in the order they came up.
    Pretty funny stuff.

  2. Adam

    I had to skip over a couple other people’s lists of “Adam Needs” searches, but here is my list:
    1) Adam needs to Shower
    2) Adam needs someone to move into his apartment and become his new roommate.
    3) Adam needs books for class
    4) Adam needs help!
    5) Adam needs to find out if there is a reason that he is drinking, be it pressure at school or a problem at home, and he needs to solve the problems.
    6) Adam needs to surround himself with a lot of broke, wishy-washy artists and he will find the keys to fulfillment and happiness …
    7) Adam needs to learn how to search…
    8) Adam needs additional things to stay in the type of shape that was discussed earlier.
    9) Adam needs to be aggressive if he wants to reach the top level.
    10) Adam needs to work on the Free Art Friday website! (and probably needs a kick up the bum to do it!)
    Two bonuses for me:
    11) Adam needs forgiveness all round and hopefully has forgiven himself so Healing can take place for all concerned.
    12) Adam needs help with shit like that.
    Number 6 is my favorite…its pretty much exactly what I DON’T need in order to find happiness and fulfillment.

  3. Jonathan

    Thanks for posting these here Adam! Lotsa’ fun!
    What, you don’t like broke, wishy-washy people? I can’t imagine why. They are the golden ticket to success, y’know?
    My favorite from your list is #5. That cracked me up.

  4. Kevin Gianni

    1. Kevin Needs Your Money
    2. Kevin Needs More Beer
    3. Kevin needs a job really soon
    4. Why does Kevin need your help? Sadly, Kevin suffers from a very cruel and fatal children’s disease called Niemann-Pick Type C (NP-C).
    5. Kevin needs help amplifying his message
    6. Kevin needs expert witnesses, research, and other things that the court is unlikely to provide much financial help for.
    7. Kevin Needs To Quit
    8. Kevin Needs a Liver Transplant
    9. Kevin needs a vacation
    10. Kevin Needs Your Help

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