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Blog Creation Services When Blogging For Passion and Profit: The Blog Grinder

This is our first Feature Fridays company for 2011, The Blog Grinder!

About a year ago, Carrie decided to share her passion (creating incredible food) by blogging her culinary creations.

Since that time, her blog posts have become some of the most popular blog posts on our site.

Getting to share her passion through the blog posting is really awesome.

I set up the backend (mostly), which is a program called WordPress.

WordPress manages the content and creates the pages you see. Carrie creates blog posts which generate lots of interest and traffic.

There are lots of people who are interested in creating blogs online, but I think they get stuck in the creation stage.

Most people aren’t geeky like me.

While I find that doing all the technical stuff on the backend isn’t always my cup of tea, there are parts about setting up a blog that I actually LIKE.

  • Getting the right plugins
  • Making the code work just the right way
  • Tweaking the pages so that they display properly

These things give me some degree of satisfaction.

blog creation companyIf you enjoy being geeky about web stuff, TheBlogGrinder probably isn’t what you’re looking for.

But you’re probably not like that.

Most people aren’t. (I’m realizing more and more that I’m weird.)

And that’s why TheBlogGrinder might be just the thing for you.

If you’re interested in creating blogs, and blogging about your passions and interests, but not all that interested in the backend stuff for creation of your blog, you’ll probably really appreciate TheBlogGrinder.

They have a blog creation service which builds a new blog for you each month.

At the end of 12 months, you will have 12 sites. It’s pretty powerful and works quite simply.

They will

  • Write at least 3 posts on each site they create (to get you started)
  • Add affiliate products to your blog and blog posts
  • Set you up with and Google ads on the site

These ads and products let you generate what is known as affiliate income.

Affiliate income is how we can work while traveling the world.

Once TheBlogGrinder creates a blog for you, your job is simply to add content (which, if you don’t like that part, it’s easy to hire or persuade other people to write for your blog), and make connections with other sites who will link to you.

What they say at the TheBlogGrinder is that, once their sites are created, most people who use their blog creation services simply log in and post articles or reviews on each blog every two weeks or so.

So here’s a basic overview of how TheBlogGrinder’s blog creation services work.

  1. You choose a niche for your blog. (Your niche might be footwear)
  2. You choose a micro niche. (In footwear, the micro niche for your blog might be cleats.)
  3. The Blog Grinder do keyword, niche, and domain name research
  4. They return to you a domain name that is available and matches your niche for generating profit
  5. You purchase the domain. ($10-$15)
  6. The Blog Grinder sets about creating your blog
  7. When it’s all created, you start making connections with people who want to link to your site
  8. When people come to your site and either click on ads or buy products, you earn 100% referral (affiliate) income.

So why would you want to have them do creation of multiple blogs?


While it’s a good idea to focus on one or two blogs, you will get a good sense of which blogs are performing well (and which ones aren’t) from having multiple blog sites created.

Each month, they will create a blog for you.

You can set this up multiple ways, but I would recommend with multiple blogs that they all relate to the same niche (footwear), and then have subsets of that niche as the different sites (One site about high heels, one site about tennis shoes, one site about sandals/jandals, etc.)

And they have a training section to help you understand what to do, even if you do not have the time or expertise.

The beauty of The Blog Grinder using WordPress for creation of your blogs is that you have MANY features available.

One of my favorite features is that that you can schedule content for the future.

On a weekly basis, I “post” to,,, and

But that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m logged in to the site on that day, or even accessing the Internet that day.

Blogs can post immediately or I can schedule blog posts to create new pages in the future.

Blog post status - creation of blog posts for the future

Blog content scheduled for the future

As of this post, I’ve got content scheduled on through 3rd of March, content on GreenJoyment scheduled through 20th of February, and content on CarrieAndJonathan scheduled for next week’s Feature Friday.

This post you’re reading right now was written on January 5th.

Yep. I wrote this more than a week ago.  I’m writing this sentence on January 5th, but you won’t see it until today (which for you is January 14th).   Blog Grinder can set that up for you.

You don’t have to know how all of that works either. The system they set up for you makes it simple and straightforward.

TheBlogGrinder has a private member’s area. In there, they have eBooks, posts, and lots of step-by-step videos which help you learn to work with your blog.

You can create posts and learn all the features available to you at your own speed.

By creating one blog per month, you will have a chance to grow as you learn.

At the end of one year, you will have 12 different blog web sites, each selling various affiliate products.

How to turn those blog posts into profits isn’t always immediately clear.

We’re still not doing much affiliate marketing with, even though we know how to.

It’s just not been the function of this site up to now, but it may become more of a focus as we do know a lot about how to save money on travel deals, and a lot about cooking equipment (not having good cooking supplies as we travel the world teaches us a lot about the value of having good knives and good kitchen stuff in general).

One of the biggest values of The Blog Grinder is that right from the beginning, the path to revenue is pretty much clear.

They build you the platform, and show you how to generate revenue from it.

On this Friday, 14. January, 2011, we are happy to feature The Blog Grinder!

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