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Being Home: Housesitting in Auckland New Zealand

It’s really nice to be back in Auckland.

Here in Auckland, New Zealand, the weather is colder in the evenings and at night, but so far has been nice and sunny and about 65 (Fahrenheit) during the day.  This feels quite comfortable, especially considering this is winter here.

Matt’s parents were nice enough to invite us to stay at their home in Auckland for the week.  Matt’s dad Keith is with Matt’s sister visiting Matt and Nicole and the South Island, and Matt’s Mom Carol is housesitting Matt’s sister’s house (here in Auckland).

If you didn’t keep that all straight, basically it means that Keith and Carol’s home has become our home for the week while we’re back here in Auckland.  We’re excited and glad (and grateful) to have their home as a base for exploring the northern part of the north island of New Zealand.

The last time we had a home to ourselves (other than apartments) was in Boquete, Panama in January (when we house-sat for Dave and Cora).

It’s really nice to be here, and we’re enjoying the time we’re getting to spend getting to know Carol (whom we had dinner with last night we got here).

Thank-you Keith and Carol for giving us our very own “home” in Auckland.

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