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Basic Costs in Hong Kong and Macau

Hong Kong and Macau are each their own countries. They are run as “special Administrative Regions” of China (since both areas were returned to the Chinese in 1999 by the British and Portuguese (respectively), but they are their own countries, with their own currencies and laws.

Even so, we spent only 5 days in Hong Kong and 2 days in Macau, so I’m lumping the basic costs of Hong Kong and Macau into one post.

All prices below are converted into USD (United States Dollars) at the time we have been in Hong Kong. With currency rates swinging as wildly as they have, your experience may vary if you’re reading this after early 2011.

Hong Kong
16 oz. bottle of water: USD .90 – USD$1.25
15 minute bus ride: $3
15 minute taxi ride: $10
Cheap plate of food: $4
Pizza and a beer at a nicer restaurant in Soho (14” pizza we split, beer we had our own): $28

16 oz. bottle of water: USD $1 – USD$1.50
15 minute bus ride: $2
15 minute taxi ride: $7
“Boost” Juice drinks (think Juice Stop): $17/two drinks.
Teppanyaki Beef + Macau Beer (in the canal shops at the Venetian): $11

2 thoughts on “Basic Costs in Hong Kong and Macau

  1. Ciara Villafuerte

    I came here 3 or four times already and though nothin’s change, but I always love the exciting funicular tram ride going up and down which reaches 27 degrees of horizontal steepness. You can see a full view of the Hongkong and it’s fantastic harbour from the wok-shaped building, the mountains & hillsides, the skyscrapers – wonderful both at daytime & nightime. Plus The Peak attractions – Ripley’s, Madame Tussaud’s house of wax, the simulation ride, and the Nature Walk around the Peak.

    1. Massage Music

      We LOVED that ride up to the peak. It was an amazing view from up there, if a bit touristy. I loved it though. Great suggestion! How often do you think you’ll return to Hong Kong?

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