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Attendants: Asked and Accepted

Well, we chose our wedding party! It’s a small (but very important) step in the process. We asked, and everyone said yes. Well, everyone except our flower girl my cutie niece, Emma. She still needs to think about it. And they are…

The Girls:
Melissa Miller – Friend
Jamie Roll – Sister of bride
Alyssa Roll – Niece of bride
Deanna Kraft – Sister of groom
The Boys:
Adam Kraft – Brother of groom
Brian Kraft – Brother of groom
Jason Fortner – Friend
Kevin Fanter – Friend
We are also going to have at least three ushers:
Drew Minor – Nephew of bride
Adam Minor – Nephew of bride
Zach Roll – Nephew of bride
We will post pictures and brief bios of everyone here soon. I’m still waiting on some of these people to get me some pictures!

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