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Today marked a very sad occasion. At 11:58 am our friends, Sara, Ernie, and Samuel backed their car out of the driveway next door for the very last time. They will soon arrive in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The neighborly friendship was a great one. We are just sad that it was so short. It seems as if we had just gotten to know them, even though we’ve known them for close to four years already. Jonathan and I will no longer be able to watch their wonderful son grow up on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis. We will now be suffered to see him only through pictures online – for awhile. Sara was always the person who would run over to our house if we were gone, just to see if we closed the garage door. They were our post office and got and stored our mail while we were gone on our trip this summer. We loved our dinner and game nights at their house. Good times were always had. We wish them all the best in their new jobs, home, and life in Indiana. We are grateful for all the time we got to live next door to them. We look forward to visits (both to see them, and for them to see us).
Thanks for being such amazing people Sara and Ernie! Good luck!

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