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An Opportunity to Help A Kilimanjaro-Related Charity

I received this email today, and thought I could do the most good with it by sharing the information about it with visitors to our site.
Please read below.
Dear Jonathan
My name is Howard Chinner and I work in a voluntary capacity, assisting the trustees of Village Education Project (Kilimanjaro) – a charity which has benefited from your support.
If you would like to help the charity at no cost whatsoever, then I wonder if you would consider using ‘everyclick’ as your search engine for your internet searches.
This can be set up as your website search ‘homepage’ or you can just put ‘everyclick’ in your ‘Favourites’ list and use it as and when you like.
If you select Village Education Project (Kilimanjaro) as your chosen charity, then every time you use Everyclick the charity will receive a donation (a percentage of Everyclick’s profit). This will paid monthly using Charities Aid Foundation.
If you would like to do this, and thereby help Village Education Project (Kilimanjaro) to get some extra income, please just click on the link below. You will then see a page with various blue icons. The easiest is to select the first from the left [“Become a registered supporter”] and become a registered supporter. You just enter the details requested and that is that. The only other thing is to start using Everyclick when you search on the internet – and the charity will benefit.
Many thanks indeed, and please copy this to your friends and colleagues to help Village Education Project (Kilimanjaro) even more.
Howard Chinner
Volunteer Assistant to the Trustees
EveryClick’s Village Education Project at Kilimanjaro support page

Background on the Kili Project: The Kilimanjaro Village Education Project was set up in September 1994 by Katy Allen. Katy, a lawyer in the City of London for over ten years. She gave up her career to go to live and teach in Mshiri village on the north eastern slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro.
Katy now spends more time in England concentrating on fund-raising and developing the work of the charity. In 2001 she was awarded an MBE for services to education in Tanzania. Katy is ably assisted by Dilly Mtui who works full time as overall coordinator.

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