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An evening in Copan, Honduras and current events (and travel safety) discussion with a local

Jonathan and I really needed a nap yesterday.

We got back to Casa de la Cafe after the ruins closed, at about 5:30 last night. We decided to just lie down for awhile.

4 hours later, we woke up. By that time, almost everything in town had closed (the internet cafe, and most restaurants).

We had a good talk with Cid about the current state of affairs in Honduras. We also got to hear his perspective on the situation.
Casa de la Cafe in Copan Honduras near Mayan Ruins
It’s always interesting to talk politics. So, here is the run down from a native Honduran:

The President who was kicked out of the country (wearing nothing but his jammies) was becoming good friends with Caesar Chavez over in Venezuela.

He was also trying to institute some very socialistic policies into the government of Honduras (think WWII). He also tried to illegally extend his election term.

The people didn’t like that. So, they kicked him out.

Now there is an interm president who is “watching over the country” until the newly elected President can take over. (Honduras holds elections on November 29th, so they just elected someone new.)

Of course there are people from both “sides” of the issue who are upset, but Cid says that CNN in particular, and the US, are really blowing things out of proportion.

Interesting to hear someone’s perspective who is actually in the country.

From there Jonathan and I went to ViaVia (a restaurant, which Cid suggested might still have their kitchen open for dinner). The kitchen wasn’t open, but we did get to have a few Honduran beers.

We can´t say we visited a country without trying the local beers, can we?
Local Beer in Copan Honduras near the Mayan Ruins
We closed the place down (after less than 1 beer each) at 11:00pm.

Then it was off for a good night´s sleep.

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