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A Winter’s Day at Cornwallis Beach

While we were in Auckland, Matt’s parents let us stay at their house. And, they even let us use their car while they were gone. Thank you Keith and Carol!

So, on our last day there, we decided that we really should go check out the beach. After all, we’re only about 30 minutes (in two directions) from a beach.

We drove to Cornwallis beach first. Cornwallis area has an interesting story. Way back when (in the 1800s), someone in England went around selling land rights at Cornwallis.

For £100, you could get your own plot of farmland, passage from England to New Zealand, and guaranteed wages for a year.

Sounds too good to be true right? Well, it was. When the 36 families arrived at Cornwallis, there was nothing there. The land rights hadn’t been secured, and there was nothing ready for inhabitants.

The settlers tried to make it work. They tried for 3 years. But, unfortunately, it just wasn’t livable for them at the time. So, they abandoned it.

The result, however, is a beautiful nearly empty beach, with a really long fishing pier / wharf.

The wharf was in need of repair about 10 years ago. So, the surrounding community donated to have it reconstructed.

Cornwallis Beach

If you donated enough money, you got to put a plaque on a plank on the pier. This one was my favorite.
Cornwallis Beach

But these were nice too.

Cornwallis Beach

Cornwallis Beach - New Zealand

Cornwallis Beach

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  1. Deanna

    Just wanted to let you know I appreciated the Space Ghost reference at the end ;)Glad to see you guys are doing well!

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