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A Day at the Lake

a lake near Milan, Italy

In order to celebrate a successful move into their new home, Mara and Fabrizio (Fabri) decided to spend a day at the lake. And, they took us, and their friend Dario, with them.

a lake near Milan, Italy

The lake (I can’t remember the name of it oops…) is beautiful.

a lake near Milan, Italy

There was also a resort on the shore of the lake that had its own swimming pool, restaurant, and other facilities. This is where we spent our day.

We swam.
a lake near Milan, Italy

And we did nothing.

a lake near Milan, Italy

A whole day of doing nothing (and I mean literally nothing. Both Jonathan and I forgot books, so we didn’t even read. We just laid there, enjoying the Italian countryside.)

a lake near Milan, Italy

2 thoughts on “A Day at the Lake

  1. Mara

    The lake is called “Iseo” and the town is “Predore”. It was a fun do-nothing day!


    PS: I’ll have to show to Dario that his picture is posted on your blog; he’ll be excited by that!

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