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3 Great Days In Mumbai

When we were living in New Zealand, I spoke at an Internet marketing meetup.

I met a guy from India at that meeting named Pravin. Pravin and I had lunch later and found that we have a lot of common interest in being people who understand a lot of what is going on with marketing on the Internet, as well as in personal development.

When I told Pravin that we would be going to Mumbai before leaving India, he graciously offered that we could spend a few nights with his brother, Bhavesh.

People are amazing.

Pravin and Bhavesh have built a very successful Internet Marketing company. If you’re looking for great marketing solutions to grow your business online, take a look at

Having spent the better part of the last 12 years working in various roles in internet Marketing, I can safely say that these are the kind of people who you want to have helping you grow your business online.

Back to Mumbai
What we didn’t know about staying in Mumbai was that we would also be staying with Pravin and Bhavesh’s parents (Mala and Anil) and grandma in their very nice condo in Mumbai.

This was an added bonus.

It was our good fortune to have three days in Mumbai that were another wonderful experience of living with a family in India.

Mala and Anil even gave up their room for us while we were there, so that we could have our own space. It was really nice.

We spent the majority of the three days there working. We had not been able to do much of that during our lack of Internet access in Goa.

Staying at their condo was great. The views looked out over a lake and we loved the food that Mala made.

Our time there however, wasn’t all work. One of the days in Mumbai, Bhavesh took us around to show us some of the sights of Mumbai.

Many of the sights of Mumbai were built by the British during their colonization/occupation of India, and today are places where people from around India congregate, do business, meet for a coffee, or just enjoy a sunny afternoon.

Mumbai was really hit hard by the terrorist attacks that happened here, and among the places we saw were the prominent locations where gunmen opened fire on random bystanders.

Today they appear to have returned to business as usual (though with a very omnipresent police force in place).

The Four Seasons Hotel

The Gate of India

The Mumbai Train station

The train station is fascinating as well, just because there are so many people shuffling through it at any given time. Bhavesh let us know that it wasn’t even that busy the day we were there.

Visiting these places also gave us an opportunity to snap some photos of the various faces of Indian culture that we’ve come to really appreciate.

During our three days in Mumbai, we also celebrated Carrie’s Birthday with Mala’s Paneer Butter Masala (the best one we had during our 6 weeks in India), and for dessert used matches to decorate a Golab Jamun, our favorite of the Indian sweets we have tried, and is a good substitute for birthday cake.

The hospitality we were shown by the Daryani’s exceeded even the highest hopes we could have had for going to stay with people. I’m not sure how to say thank-you to them, other than to know that we’ve got a lot of paying it forward to do.

Aside from being amazing hosts, Pravin and Bhavesh Daryani have built a very successful Internet Marketing company. They know what they are doing when it comes to marketing online. If you’re looking for great online marketing solutions to grow your business, take a look at

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