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3 Days in The German Section of Mallorca, Spain


I would absolutely go back to Mallorca (My –your-kuh).

Mallorca warrants another visit in addition to the three days we spent there (this time), but I would go with a different mindset, and stay somewhere else.

The apartments we were in were fantastic.

The problem was that they were right next to a place called the bierkoenig, and the door to our apartment could not block the sound. At all.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.


The reason we ended up in Mallorca was because that was where our cruise departed, from Europe back to the United States.

We thought we should actually see a bit of Mallorca instead of just flying in and getting on the boat.

Before going, all I had heard about Mallorca was that it was an island paradise for Germans to visit.

If you don’t know about Mallorca, you can think of it a little bit like this:

What Cancun is for many Americans, Mallorca is for many Germans.


Germans come to Mallorca, expect a major party, get drunk, make loud noises in the streets, throw bottles, etc.

(And before anyone says otherwise… yes, Americans are known for doing all of those things in Cancun.)

So in coming to Mallorca, we had a debate… should we do the beach vacation thing at one of the resorts, or should we rent an apartment?

In the end, we found a place to stay that was pretty cheap ($40/night) and well-recommended (via TripAdvisor).

If you’re going to Mallorca to have a major party, get drunk, make loud noises in the streets, and generally have Oktoberfest, except do so in a much warmer climate, the place where we stayed will be ideal for you.

If you’re planning to see anything cultural or have a quiet beach vacation, you should absolutely stay somewhere else.

Once again, I think Mallorca has an amazing amount to offer, I would just recommend to know why you are going there and make your accommodation choices based on that.


4 thoughts on “3 Days in The German Section of Mallorca, Spain

  1. Marty

    All this traveling and walking & you guys have lost weight.
    Carrie looks GREAT!!! How did you manage to get such a cute
    lady, plus she cooks!!!

  2. Mom

    I know you guys are in great shape after trying to keep up with you in
    Rome! That’s a downfall for me whenever cruising, because all the food is so fabulous and so available!! You two look fabulous!

    1. strive4impact Post author

      I guess I never responded to this comment, but thanks Mom! We’re both working on getting this look again while eating American foods and living more sedentary work lifestyles.

      Working on it… 🙂

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