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10 FAQs about our stay in Buenos Aires (so far)

1. What’s your apartment like?
We’ll answer that soon…
2. What’s the weather like? Is it summer there?
We’re in the southern hemisphere, so the weather is the opposite season as the northern hemisphere. This means that it is just the beginning of fall down here. So, just as we were beginning to see the very first buds and even a flower or two right before we left Colorado, we are just beginning to see the leaves change colors and drop from the trees here in Argentina. The weather is still rather warm (high 70s to low 80s), and pleasant. It is definitely more humid here than in CO (but it’s hard not to be).
March is the rainiest month here. We’ve experienced a few rainstorms. The rain here is very different. It comes down in sheets. It downpours for about 20-30 minutes, and then stops. It might do this 2 or 3 times during the night.
3. What’s the food like?

We have eaten at some really great places while we’ve been here. We ate at a really fantastic Mexican food place. The food was very authentic, and super tasty. The Argentineans tend to eat a lot of ham and cheese. A ham and cheese sandwich is on every menu we’ve seen so far. Pizza shops are on every corner (there’s a large Italian influence in the neighborhood we’re in). We’ve tried a few and really liked one. We also found a place that makes fantastic empanadas (which are also available everywhere you go). Tip – go to a pizza place for empanadas. They know cheese and dough.
We have yet to try parrilla (grilled meats – from every part of the cow, literally every part). Carrie, being (mostly) herbivore, won’t try it, but Jonathan probably will give it a shot.
4. How are you getting places?
We’re walking. Pretty much everywhere we go, we go on foot. And we’re loving it!
5. Where are you in Buenos Aires?
We’re in a neighborhood called Palermo. We’re also kind of in the center of this neighborhood. Palermo is known to be one of the nicer neighborhoods in BA. We’re quite fond of it. It has its “hippy” place, its “yuppy” place, and its “hip” place. Here’s a map where you can see the neighborhoods of BA.
6. Have you seen Eva Peron’s house yet?
No, not yet, but we plan to. We also plan to see where she’s buried in the famous Recoleta cemetery. (Recoleta is another neighborhood in BA, and it borders Palermo.)
7. Is there really poop on the street?
Yes. We really have to keep an eye out for it. It’s everywhere! People don’t really clean up after their dogs. So, I wouldn’t go around kicking leaves if I were you (you never know what’s underneath them).
8. Are the taxis actually dangerous?
We’ve only ridden in a taxi once so far. We were fine. But, we were told by a friend to be sure and double count your change before you get out of a taxi to make sure that you got the right amount back. (Our friend didn’t get correct change once, and it’s sort of known that tourists are often short-changed in every major city in the world.)
9. What’s the city like?
It’s a big city. Big cities are a little dirty, noisy, and smoggy. That’s how it is here. It’s just like any other big city: constant motion, movement, and change. But this also means that there’s really great shopping, food, people, activities, etc.
10. I saw in pictures that your bathroom has two toilets? Do all the bathrooms have this?
Every bathroom we’ve seen (the private bathrooms anyway) has had a bidet in it as well as a toilet. No, we haven’t used it yet.
11. What’s a bidet?
We don’t really know, but according to Wikipedia: “Bidet is a French word for pony (and in Old French, bider meant to trot). This etymology comes from the fact that one rides a bidet much like one does a pony.”

3 thoughts on “10 FAQs about our stay in Buenos Aires (so far)

  1. Anonymous

    Haha, Im argentinian, and just came back from six weeks in USA. Im having a blast reading what you say about my country!!! (I got to this website by looking for a video of Tigre in YouTube)
    This is so much fun! I cant believe that you dont know bidets !!! 😉
    (I had similar feelings being at the States)

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