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A Visit From Jack The Ripper

3 1/2 years ago we were in London for our honeymoon.

We took a Jack the Ripper tour… because, well, it’s London.

Carrie had taken a tour before, thought it was super-fun, and wanted to share the experience with me.

The tour we ended up taking was fine, but pretty average.

3 1/2 years later (and 8 years after Carrie’s original Jack the Ripper Tour), the guys who she took her tour with in 2003 actually found our website and sent us an email.

I asked them for some promotional content for their tour so that we could promote the best Jack the Ripper Tour on our site.

So, here you go. (P.S. Connections through the Internet continue to amaze me.)

Ripping Yarns Tours have been leading Jack the Ripper tours around whitechapel for over 25 years now and although a small company believe that the quality of tour must surpass all expectations, The Tour is now recommended in the Rick Steves Guide book to London both 2010 and 2011. and feature prominently on trip advisor too.

But probably the best measure of a tour comes from the satisfied customers and a visit to the website at to read the guest book and the comments that have been made by those that have taken the tour are a fitting testament to the level of satisfaction on offer.

All the guides on this tour are serving Yeoman warders (Beefeaters) from the Tower of London so you can be assured that your guide knows how to conduct a tour properly and the tour content is such that it weaves the tale of Jack the Ripper, the social background the history of the area and helps paint the most vivid of mental picture of life and death in London’s East End, this backed up by crime scene photographs, letters and evidence etc. The story telling aspect of the tour sets it apart from the other tours available, it does not just extol bland fact after fact.

The Tour begins each night of the week outside Tower Hill underground station. meeting at 6;30 p.m. the Tour will commence at 6:45 p.m.. and lasts around 2 hours, guides will display a “Ripping Yarns ” poster
and will stand just outside the exit to the station.

On this tour you only pay at the end of the tour because by then you’ll have become a satisfied customer.

Ripping Yarns Tours lead smaller manageable groups. The cost has been maintained at £7 per person which must be the best value night out in London.

Bookings via the website at
enquiries via
or phone 0044(0)7813559301

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