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Ticabus Travel: San Jose, Costa Rica to Managua / Granada, Nicaragua on Ticabus

Traveling by Ticabus from San Jose, Costa Rica to Managua, Nicaragua. From Managua, we took the local bus to Granada, Nicaragua. The Ticabus travel was great. We recommend Ticabus’s Ejecutivo service, but take warm clothes as Ticabus likes to make their buses be like the polar express.

David, Panama to San Jose, Costa Rica on Tracopa

Tracopa, Ticabus, and PanamaLine Bus. How to get to San Jose, Costa Rica or get to David Panama, taking the bus. There are three bus companies operating between San Jose and David. Tracopa bus, Tica Bus, and Panaline, although we don’t even know if Panaline is in business anymore, but here are the phone numbers, pictures, and locations for these bus companies in David, Panama and San Jose, Costa Rica.