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SoHo Where to Dine in Hong Kong

SoHo the food district of Hong Kong

SoHo (why it’s called that nobody knows). SoHo Hong Kong, is the area surrounding the central escalators.

These are escalators that move in one direction only (down from 6-10am and up only the rest of the time). With this network of raised walkways and escalators, it’s possible to “walk” a good section of Hong Kong without stepping foot on the ground.

Most Expats spend their time hanging out at the many restaurants, bars, and coffee shops in the SoHo district. If you’re after good food, and meeting some expats, then SoHo is the place for you.
SoHo the food district of Hong Kong

We went with Pascal to try a local noodle house (Mak’s Noodles) that was recommended to both of us. At Mak’s they use duck eggs rather than chicken for their pasta .

I was underwhelmed. I ordered the beef tenderloin and noodles (vegetarian was non-existent here). What I got were cubes of gelatinous fat on noodles. As Pascal said, it was “special”.

But, since then we’ve eaten in the SoHo area a few times, and everything else has been good.
SoHo the food district of Hong Kong

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