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Reception Location Booked…Finally

Finally! We booked a site for our reception: the First United Methodist Church. It is only five blocks away from Shove Chapel. The reception will be held in their Fellowship Hall. Fellowship Hall is just as nice (if not better) as all of the other locations we looked at, with one exception. There is no dance floor. So, we’ll either be renting one or building one. We’ll see. But, for the price, there really is no comparison. The room is attached to a kitchen, and large enough to hold everyone. Because we’re holding the reception in a church, there will not be any alcohol served. At first we were a little concerned about this, but we decided that alcohol shouldn’t be a necessity for any party. And, since we’re having it in the middle of the afternoon, we thought maybe we could go out afterwards (maybe even back to the hotel for some of Uncle Don’s famous margaritas?). We’re really excited to have found a location that fits our needs, both according to our budget and our size. There are also two baby grand pianos in the fellowship hall. Anyone interested in participating in a bit of a dueling piano show? Sounds like fun to us!

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