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Poem: When Spoken Into Being

Someone hired me to write a New Year’s poem for a blended family. This is the poem I created for this particular blended family.

If you’d like me to write a New Year’s Poem for you or your family, please let me know.

When Spoken Into Being
by Jonathan Kraft

In the new year together we’ll see
That we will all very boldly go
We’re a special, unique kind of clan
A different kind of family, y’know?

While the nucleus of some families
by blood with one another is shared
ours is especially connected,
demonstrated in ways that we’ve cared.

That care will grow as we move together
into this great and brand new year.
We’ve got great things ahead of us.
Yes, we’ve got nothing to fear,

for the bonds of a family that’s blended
are forged in the flames of choice.
It’s amazing that bonds can be stronger
when chosen into being by one’s own voice.

And so, as we move as a family group,
supporting and sharing, and getting through strife,
we know that we’ll be stronger and
we know we’ll have an even better life.

We’ve got connections like no others have,
and yes, in this year two-thousand fourteen,
these connections that our clan shares
will help us create the dreams that we’ve seen.

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