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Poem: The Fog

Written October 31, 1995 When Jonathan is 16

The Fog
by Jonathan Kraft

The Fog
and yet compelling because
of its quiet eerieness

I stand and watch the fog, myself
being in the fog, and see the
fog create unity, but the fog separates
me from being a part of nature’s unity.
I live in both worlds. The world of
technology and the world of nature,
and while I believe the fog understands
that I live in both worlds, it considers me
a hypocrite for doing so.

The fog attempts to reunite all
the energies of nature back to their original
state. Back to the time when nature was in
co-existence with, instead of existing behind,
humanity. When mountains were not hollowed,
when the forests were whole and uncut for needless
purposes, when the great buffalo roamed
for miles, and the great hunter hunted him,
nicht nur fur sport, but for food/warmth/materials,
when he thanked the buffalo for his energy and strength.
But we cannot go back to this time, and so the fog
does its best to restore the energy, the life-force,
of nature.

And I wonder if it will ever accept me
into its unity, because I live in the world of
technology, and the world of nature.
The fog.


Unfinished thoughts which led to the above poem (Written at some later date): Every element in nature except fog has a purpose. At least I thought so until tonight. Rain comes and waters nature to allow it to flourish, as does the sun, only lights and heats plants to health. {… …Had left space and had planned to add more on the page when I wrote it, but never came back to it after writing the poem … } Fog’s purpose, I discovered, is to heal To heal the damage. Damage that “technologically advanced” humans have done to the natural energy that sustains the earth, and now we humans are taking away the power that fog has also.

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