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Poem: Riddle #1

Here today’s poem is Riddle #1!
Check it out with your own eyes.
If you know and post a comment,
$10 to could be your prize

Here’s the riddle:

Riddle #1
by Jonathan Kraft

Growing up is easy for me
Although I take a long time
You can find me wherever there’s land
But to the top of the mountain I do not climb.

I provide something vital for you
Yes, specific for you reading this
I love pure water and bright sunny days
and the dew from a morning mist.

What am I?

If you know what this is, post a comment below.

The answer will be posted tomorrow.

One person who puts the correct answer in will get a $10 Amazon gift card!

5 thoughts on “Poem: Riddle #1

      1. strive4impact Post author

        Hey Todd! It was a tree! Unfortunately, the time for guessing has passed on this one. But come back Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday this week. More Riddles will be posted each day!

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