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Kookaburra Café And Accommodation In Cuenca, Ecuador – a review

A review of the Kookaburra Café In Cuenca, Ecuador

Finding a vacation rental/hotel/café built and run by Australians in the middle of Cuenca, Ecuador, was a very nice and fun surprise.
Kookaburra Cafe in Cuenca, Ecuador
Jenny and Chris decided to build the Kookaburra Café because they love Cuenca and wanted to be part of the local community and economy here.

For expats, visitors to Cuenca, and locals here in Cuenca, they provide a great place to hang out in the city.  I’m also quite certain that their thriving café brings additional revenue to all the people who supply the café with food and supplies
Kookaburra Cafe in Cuenca, Ecuador
Kookaburra Cafe in Cuenca, Ecuador
Kookaburra Cafe in Cuenca, Ecuador
Our biggest regret about the Kookaburra café is not booking sooner, because we would have liked to have stayed here longer.

But Jenny and Chris have a traveling businessman who stays with them about once per month, and he booked the Kookaburra Café long ago for this Sunday and Monday night.

Ah well.

Our only complaint about the Kookaburra café is that because they were so busy on Sunday morning (completely packed with a 30 minute wait time), that we waited 45 minutes for breakfast.

We asked for a hot chocolate and a cappuccino with our order, asked for it again a second time, asked for it again a third time.

When it hadn’t come still, we gave our waiter a knowing glance to see if he would remember that he had forgotten our request (or gotten busy with other people) again.  1 hour and 15 minutes later, we received the cappuccino and cup of coffee. But, you know, they can’t really help that the entire town decided to come for breakfast (because it’s so good here) on the same day.

By contrast, our breakfast the day before, when the Kookaburra Cafe wasn’t ABSOLUTELY full of people, came right away and came with a free refill on both the cappuccino and the coffee.

If  our only complaint after spending two nights here is that we had to wait a little bit on a hot chocolate and cup of coffee, that gives you an idea that we liked it here at Kookaburra Café… a lot.

If you’re looking for a great place to stay in Cuenca, stop reading this post and contact Jenny and Chris at the Kookaburra Café.

If you need help getting in touch with them, please send us an email from the contact form on our site.

Tell them that you Carrie and Jonathan referred you to the Kookaburra Café.

You *might* get something special when you’re here!
Kookaburra Cafe in Cuenca, Ecuador

Here’s our video review of the Kookaburra Cafe Accommodation in Cuenca:

3 thoughts on “Kookaburra Café And Accommodation In Cuenca, Ecuador – a review

  1. roxana perez-casanova

    would like to have more info as well as prices for a week late march and how long in advance to book 1 person.thanks

  2. Connie Hoskins

    My husband and I would love to stay at the Kookaburra for 4 nights next week but can’t figure out how to contact the owners. Can you help?!
    Many thanks,

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