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Carrie and Jonathan visit the Springs

Jonathan’s solo mission was successful. He decided that both places were worth taking a look at together. So, today we traveled down to the Springs to take a look at Mr. Bigg’s Event Center and Paragon’s Royal Ballroom.
When first arriving at Mr. Bigg’s, Carrie was a bit skeptical. The appearance from outside definitely left something to be desired, but she kept an open mind remembering that more than just books should not be judged by the cover. Once making their way to the event center, Carrie was pleasantly surprised. The room is spacious, fun, and has its own entrance and bathrooms. Carrie’s main concern was the lighting. It was very bright in there with all the lights turned on full blast. So, Jonathan sought out a person to show us lighting options, and all was made well. The environment at Mr. Bigg’s is definitely a “fun” one.
From there the two managed to find their way, while avoiding the construction on I-25 to Paragon’s Royal Ballroom. However, upon arrival, we found that the facility manager was away, and he wasn’t answering his phone. We left and went to look again at the chapel. It was still dimly lit, but less so than either of us remembered. We did notice that all shoes should have soft soles, otherwise the sound of footsteps will permeate the entire chapel.
We’re excited to book a reception location, and while one has not been decided on one yet, it will be soon. Keep tuned in for more details!

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