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24 Hours In Costa Rica: Most Common Questions

We’ve gotten a lot of questions from the people we’ve been talking to back home in the past 24 hours.
The most common 4 questions, and our answers, are posted below.
What are you doing in Costa Rica?
How’s your place?
What time is it there?
What’s the weather like?

What are you doing in Costa Rica?

This is part of a larger answer.

The short answer is that Carrie and I are now vagabonds. I no longer own a car (Carrie’s in the process of selling hers), and we no longer officially “live” anywhere. We’re exploring Central America from now through December – which includes starting here in Costa Rica. Next week, from 12th October -22nd October, we’re going to be volunteering at a turtle project where there is limited electricity and no Internet. More about that later…

This week, we’re exploring San Jose and getting content publishing set up in our business to make sure that’s on autopilot for the next few months.

The follow up question to this is almost always “How do you get your mail?

There are lots of ways to handle this, but we use Earth Class Mail

How’s your place?

It’s great! We’re at the Hotel Aranjuez, in a Superior Studio apartment. The Superior Studio includes a kitchen and bathroom. We’ll post some pictures shortly. We went out walking tonight and found a grocery store (sort of)… It’s more of a convenience store with some groceries, so there’s likely a bigger grocery store somewhere nearby, but haven’t found it yet.

We could ask of course, which we will probably end up doing, but this is a good start anyway, and it’s fun to look and get a little lost ourselves and then ask for help to find what we’re looking for (if we don’t find it ourselves) .

Last night, when we arrived, we both felt a little unsafe. Not because it is less safe here than anywhere else we’ve been or lived.

Just the unfamiliarity of being in a new place sometimes causes the feeling of being somewhere unsafe.

However, after having lunch today at a little local café (both of us had great food and soda for less than $10 total), and going walking around the area a bit tonight to find restaurants, we feel a lot better being out walking. We’re still aware (of course, like we always are) of our surroundings, but it’s good to be feeling more comfortable already.

What time is it there?

Costa Rica is on the same time zone as Denver. 2 hours behind East Coast time zone, 1 hour ahead of west coast time zone.

What’s the weather like?

So far, this morning was very nice. We could see far enough to look around and see that we’re surrounded by mountains, which are green and lush and beautiful.

By 1 PM, it was rainy and completely cloudy, and by 2 PM, it was absolute downpour, which lasted the better part of the afternoon (until about 6:30 PM). The rain was heavy enough to cause car alarms to go off, but was loud enough that it sort of drowned them out. Tonight has been overcast, but not rainy.

Did we answer your questions? If not, ask below and we’ll be happy to respond!

Also, please let us know if there’s anything you think we should be doing in Costa Rica while we’re here!

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  1. Adam

    Formatting is goofed up on the “How is your Place?” question.
    It will typically rain in the morning OR the afternoon. If its nice in the morning…get out quick and do stuff. If it isn’t…do stuff inside for the morning, but plan something for the afternoon/evening.

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