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Where The Hell Is Matt 2012

One of the people who inspired us early in our thoughts (like in 2005) that living and working and traveling around the world would be possible, was Matt.

Matt has been “dancing” around the world since 2004.

My brother Adam sent me his 2004 dancing video and I loved it.

Matt’s 2012 video is below.

His 2012 video – we’ve been to just 4 of the places he shows.

May Matt’s 2012 dancing be (at least) as inspiring to you now, as Matt was to us in 2005.

Matt’s note on the video:

“This video was made without a sponsor. I earn back what I spent if the video is a success.”

His video has gotten 3.1 million views so far.  (He earns money by partnering with YouTube to run ads on and around the video.)

Hope you will share this and help him break the 10 million view mark.

14 thoughts on “Where The Hell Is Matt 2012

  1. Lisa

    I really enjoyed the video and am thinking about the wonderful notion of dancing around the world — pretty amazing! So besides in his dancing –have you found Matt?

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  3. Shannon

    Thanks for sharing this. I saved watching it until today, and I really needed it today, and it was just what I needed. Thanks, guys.

    1. strive4impact Post author

      Thank-you for watching and commenting! News loves to sell doom and gloom, but humanity is fantastic and amazing… We just need more reminders like this…

  4. Adam

    I know for sure you’ve been to more than 4 of those places. Laura and I have been to at least 5-6 of them…

    Good video as usual from Matt. You should probably link back to his site though… 🙂

  5. keerthi

    Enjoyed watching this video. Totally loved it and gonna share it. I want all my friends and family to watch it too 🙂 thanks for sharing.

    1. strive4impact Post author

      Thanks for watching and commenting Keerthi! I think you and Bhanu should make a “dance” video next time you travel somewhere. 🙂

  6. Lisa

    Watched it again and loved it even more!! Maybe Jay Leno could find Matt — it’s just the kind of feature he likes to have on his show. Might have to share it now with my Multi-Cultures class!!

    1. strive4impact Post author

      That’s funny. I watched this video again 2 nights ago when it came up in the sidebar on YouTube. I just love it. It would make an awesome video for a multi-cultures class. Thank-you for watching and commenting!

  7. Victoria Vilca

    I really enjoyed the video and shared whit my family. I hope you will visit Cajamarca – Peru for continue with the dancing of world.
    I known Jonathan and carrie in Cajamarca – Peru in 2010 i have homestay, maybe you can visit Cajamarca.