Say what? Hilarious Voice Transcriptions

I love talking into my phone, and letting google transcribe my voice.

Voice to text.

It’s amazing some of the things that Google can transcribe, from me just mumbling them out.

One thing that I really enjoy, and have learned to be very careful of, is all of the mis-transcription that happens.

Here are a few examples:

I will email you moon pictures
I will email you mean pictures

I think I saw that one, but they were out of it in the organic version.
I think I saw that one, but they were out of it in the organic virgin.

More pop. More grab!
Nope. More gross!

Or, I can bring you gelato at work if you are still there.
Or, I can bring you a lot of work if you are still there.

I am glad to hear that you get booked nowadays quite extensively.
Became (censorship added automatically by my phone)
I am glad to hear you get f***** now adays quite extensively.

I made 10 raw videos for healing scar tissue
I made 10 rap videos for healing scar tissue
And when I went to correct it, it became
I made 10 bra videos 4 Healing scar tissue

Are you still at Larimer Square?
Are you still at their arm hair?

There are lots of reasons this could be, not necessarily all of them financial
There are lots of mean ones on my knee, not necessarily olives and wine. Chill.

I got the densest loaf I could find.
I got the dentist love. I could sing.

First time at a Mongolian BBQ
Time Warner f*** you

What would mom and dad like for their cake
what would mom and stepdad like for therapy cake

And finally… (for now…)

I was walking by a man on 16th Street
I want to buy a man on 16th Street


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  • Nobelcom - Even though we have Skype, most of the time we also travel with a calling card to be safe. Nobel has great calling cards.
  • GoToMeeting/GoToWebinar - See anyone's computer, anywhere in the world (with their/your permission, of course)!
  • Earth Class Mail - what a Great service for postal mail!
  • EVoice - a virtual phone receptionist for business voice mail. Forwards messages to any email address you choose.
  • Packet8 - Our home phone line runs through Packet8. We can listen to voice mails as email attachments, as well as delete voice mails online!
  • Skype - it's free to download, and free to call other people with Skype. Plus, if you upgrade, you can call almost any number, anywhere in the world, from any computer.

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