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Giveaway Friday: Carrie’s Curious Chai Can Cure

First up, congratulations to Sue Zamora who won last week’s Friday Giveaway “The Potter’s Hands“. Sue will be receiving the poster in a size of her choosing (up to 3 feet*2 feet).

Congratulations Sue!

And now on to this week’s Giveaway Friday: Carrie’s Chai Masala!

In India, there is always chai.

When you wake up, you have a chai.
When you buy something, you have a chai.
When you sell something, you have a chai.
When you go to work, you have a chai.
When you come home from work, you have a chai.
If you’re eating lunch, you have a chai.
If you’re happy, you have a chai.
If you’re sad, you have a chai.
If something is happening, you have a chai.
If nothing is happening, you have a chai.
If friends come over, you have a chai.
If friends cancel their visit, you have a chai.

Chai is to Indians what coffee is to Americans.

However, Jonathan likes chai better – much better – than coffee.

We learned what goes into chai before we went to India.

But in India, we learned the full steps to preparing chai.

After drinking chai every day in India, we went to cooking school.

We learned the proper steps to prepare chai, as well as where to get the best ingredients.

We like our chai to have a nice level of spice in it.

Not only does it taste great, but the spice blend Carrie uses has lots of ingredients which are known to have natural curative properties.

If you win today’s giveaway, you will be getting a nice and spiced chai mix. 

A spice mix is called “masala”.

When you win today’s Giveaway Friday, you will be getting Carrie’s Chai Masala!

We will also be sending you instructions for preparation of the perfect cup of chai.

To be entered to win this spiced chai mix, all you have to do is follow the instructions below.

(Alternatively, if you want to purchase Carrie’s Chai Masala mix, which comes with Carrie’s special instructions for preparation of Chai in your own kitchen, click below to have a packet shipped directly to your door.)


To get Free Chai Mix:

Step 1:

Like this post on Facebook and/or +1 it on Google.

Step 2:

Post the name (and recipe if you want) of your favorite hot drink when you comment.

Make sure to include a good email address so we can contact you when you win!

14 thoughts on “Giveaway Friday: Carrie’s Curious Chai Can Cure

      1. Nicolle

        Mmmm my chai world isn’t very big. Ive only ever had the Oregon chai brand. Vanilla is my favorite. How do you make your chai?

        1. Jonathan (in Colorado)

          Hey Nicolle! Carrie grinds her own spices into a delicious mix. Then we add fresh ginger and brew enough for about 20 cups. It stays in the fridge 1 week (or less), while we take it out and heat it a few cups at a time.

          The Oregon Chai is good… a bit sweet for me, but good for sure.

  1. Mara

    Hi Jonathan & Carrie.
    Chai tea is great 🙂 Right now I’m sipping on a hot thick chocolate and it is the perfect drink for good start of a cold Saturday morning.

    Take care!


    1. strive4impact Post author

      Hey Mara! We love the Italian hot chocolate… My most memorable one was in Verona with you… we sat at a cafe somewhere near a statue of Dante, and it was kind of cold, so the hot chocolate was super nice. That trip you also introduced us to roasted chestnuts, which we had never had, and now love. Hot chocolate and cold days go well together. But then… it is chocolate after all. Chocolate goes with most days.

  2. Patricia McCormick

    Hi Jonathan and Carrie: You may not believe this, but I have chai preparing on the stove as we speak; the next step is to add the milk. I spent a year in India, loved it, and had chai every morning with a friend, as well as other times of the day. It is wonderful. However, they have tiny cups, while I have mugs! Starts the day off right! I hope you love India, too. Best wishes, Patricia

    1. strive4impact Post author

      We had a love/hate relationship learning to get along in India… but now it’s mostly love. 🙂 Starting the day off right is right!

      Where all did you see during your year in India?

      1. Patricia McCormick

        Hi. I kept a small apartment in Bangalore and traveled out from there. I spent a week in Nagaland in December, where 16 tribes live — and attended their Hornbill Festival; the costumes, dancing and singing fantastic. Visited the cemetary there in Kohima where the Japanese were defeated. In January I spent 3 weeks traveling in Old and New Delhi, enjoying the incredible history, Jama Masjid mosque, Red Fort, Ghandi’s tomb and the temple where he worshipped, the Akshardham Temple, government buildings, the Qutab Minor Tower and Bahai Lotus Temple. I went to Jaipur, visited Palace of the Winds, the Water Palace and Amber Fort, hit the big kite festival, also donation day; of course, shopped. Drove to Agra, stopping to visit Fatepur Sikri, built by Akbar; visited the lovely Taj Mahal and Agra Fort. Drove on to Allahabad and experienced the Kumbha Mela with pilgrims from all over India; dipped in the Ganga. Also visite Nehru’s home. Visited Shreyanshnath Jain temple, and went on to holy city, Veranasi on the Ganga. Saw the fires burning for cremation, the nightly ceremonies on the water. Visited Sarnath, where the Buddha gave his first sermon. On to Amritsar, the Golden Temple, and the closing ceremony at the Pakistani border, and Jallianwalla Bagh where Indians were massacered by the British. Next Rishakesh, where the Ganga was pristine and dipped again. Lovely place, home of many holy men. On to Haridwar and the nightly ceremonies on the Ganga. I had to leave India after six months, so went to Pokhara, Nepal and Kathmandu. Loved Nepal. In August, I went to Alleppey for the annual Snake Boat Race; very exciting! I love Kerala where everyone travels by water on small boats and houseboats. On to Fort Kochi with the famous Kathakali dancers and the Chinese fishing nets, spice markets, Dutch palace and graveyard, and Jewtown. On to Chennai, where there is the longest sandy beach in Asia, visited the Theosophical Society of Madras and the beautiful Santhome Cathedral. Visited Cholamandala Artist Village and Dakshin Chitra. I loved Mahabalipuram with the rock cut temples by the sea, over 1400 years old. Pondicherry was next and is a delightful town on the sea with a European flair and huge shade trees, home of the tombs of The Mother and Aurobindo. I was privileged to meditate in the Matri Mandir in Auroville, a peaceful, quiet planned community. I visited Chidambram and the temple, and Thanjavur with its lovely temple. On to Madurai, the Meenakshi Temple and the Gandhi Memorial Museum. Madurai is known for its flower and vegetable market, very interesting. I returned to Veranasi for three weeks in October and got to know the narrow streets, the temples, the Nepalese temple where widows live, the burning ghats and the local people. I love India and its people. I want to return to see Leduc and have some ashram experiences, as well.

        1. strive4impact Post author

          What an amazing experience. I would love to go to most of the places you mentioned. Auroville is even on my “bucket list” because I want to see their giant solar cooker. This is like a what’s what of India. Someone could follow your footsteps and have the most amazing year ever. Do you blog your travels or post your pictures anywhere?

          1. Patricia McCormick

            This is something I am toying with. I took photography classes and I do have some excellent images. I have not blogged my travels or posted my pictures anywhere. Do you have suggestions as to how I could get started doing this? I am also considering writing travel articles, accompanied by pictures.

          2. Jonathan (in Colorado)

            Well, if you’re wanting to get started and try things out, you could always set up a free site at or But if you want to have more control over it, I would recommend getting your own domain and hosting (about $100/year). Once you have your own site, you have lots of ways to market yourself. Photo sites will happily accept your uploads… but I think it’s always best to have a place to direct people back to, and a place that you have control over (domain, hosting, and WordPress on your hosting). I walk though how to do this,step-by-step, in the 2nd ThreeMoneyMethods guide at

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